Lute Page for Guitarists

I am currently working on a tutorial on how to read lute tablature and a file on Reading German Tablature. If you are thinking of taking up the lute, you may find my page on Changing from guitar to lute useful. I am compiling a page on Thomas Campion and also have a couple of Limericks about the lute if you're bored. Please feel free to email any comments on these to me.

I have the following lute pieces in tablature form:

There is more ASCII Tablature at the Dartmouth lute ftp archive. This site also contains music in TAB format, as well as a programme to help you read and edit in it. Fronimo is another excellent option for read TAB files, and (if you can afford the $US150) write them in too.

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Links to other sites

Most of the other lute links that I know of can be found fairly easily via Arto Wiko's Music Page or Mark Wheeler's Variety of Lute Links. There is also an excellent site on Sixteenth Century Tablature Sources. For later lute music try Bach Plucked!. If you own neither a lute nor a guitar, then why not take up the Air Lute?

If you are in Australia and wish to purchase strings, fret gut or sheet music I can recommend Saraband Music, who have been prompt for me in the past. When ordering, however, it is worth double checking the prices, as these can change depending on what the Australian dollar is doing at the time (usually plummeting).

This site has been luted billions oftimes since August 2, 1996.

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