The Art of Speaking Forsoothly

"Speaking forsoothly", that is speaking in an Elizabethan manner, has varying amounts of credence throughout the society. While I think speaking forsoothly is a little silly myself (beyond eliminating words such as OK, kewl and phrases such as motoring along), if people insist on doing it you will be performing a service by ensuring that people get it right

Materials Required

Just your notes

Meeting Outline

Using thee and thou in the right place is as easy as using I and me. Explain subject and object. Explain when it is and isn't appropriate to use the word ye (ie. not in front of the words Olde Bottle Shoppe). Then those special little verb endings, -eth and -est, as in the Lord giveth.

Add a few small pieces of vocabulary, such as wherefore (meaning for what reason not why, hence Juliet's balcony refrain). Give a few common expressions. Give a few expressions that can replace modern ones such as OK.

Possible Problems

Some people may feel they should have left grammar lessons at high school, if not earlier. Try and keep things amusing.

Other Options

Resources and References

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