How to be Obnoxious in French

Most internet users are fully profficient in being obnoxious, but this is not much good if you can't do it in style. This is a web page designed to help you become more than "just another obnoxious nerd". It makes you distinctively obnoxious. People will remember you for years to come as a truly obnoxious person.

To do this I thought it best to use the French language. While the French have been marketing their language for years as the "language of love", aided by the fact that it is technically a "Romance" language, most people still think of the French as obnoxious poseurs (see how easy this sort of thing is to slip in) with an unhealthy fascination for frogs and snails.

In the following links you will find invaluable information on how to come across as both an arrogant prat to your friends, as well as obnoxious to the French. Be warned though. To be truly succesful at this you must posess either a basic understanding of the French language, a phrasebook (preferably French) or an arrogant disposition.

Bonne Chance, mes cretins.

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