Kim Oldfield

You've managed to find the home page of Kim Oldfield, a resident of Melbourne Australia.

Currently I'm working as a Network Engineer at Monash University Information Technology Services. Prior to this I was doing IT support for the Monash University Library.

As a student I studied a combined Science and Engineering course at Monash University. In 1997 I graduated with my Science Degree majoring in Computer Science. I also studied Engineering majoring in Civil Engineering.

At home and work I have been using Linux for many years. I have held the position of President, and Vice President of the Linux Users of Victoria (LUV). While with LUV I have presented several introductory talks: compiling programs, the Linux boot process, and Unix file systems.

I have been a keen Ballroom Dancer ever since I started at Monash. While at Monash I have been treasurer and president of the Monash Ballroom Dancing Society (MBDS) (now called Monash Dance Sport.

When I was little I loved trains, particularly steam trains. I've never really grown out of trains, and am a member of Steamrail Victoria and Puffing Billy. I can be found at Puffing Billy on some weekends as either a Signalman, Guard, or trainee Fireman.

If you want to get in touch with me you can send email to kim at this domain, ie or if you are a goofey user you can goof messages to "kim".

How the web has changed. When I first composed this page I had trouble finding more than a couple of links to put in it.

Revised March 2003
Kim Oldfield