The Emperor Norton Utilities is a collection of programs of an Eristic, Slackful or just downright bizarre nature. These programs may be found anywhere; on a FTP site, on your shelf, perhaps even having spontaneously formed on an unformatted disk.

Some programs from the Emperor Norton Utilities may be found on this site. These are the ones which I have managed to find, and for which there is disk space here.

If you have any (freely distributable) programs which you think may be part of the Emperor Norton Utilities, mail me.

Here is what the site currently contains:


Xtacy112.tar.gz Druel's X display hack, XTacy
belief.c.gz Program for generating religious beliefs PostScript program which prints the Discordian calendar
ddate.c.gz Druel's Discordian date program
ddate.perl A Perl program for generating Discordian dates
ddate.tar.gz The enhanced Discordian date program, with format strings,
discord.c.gz A text scrambler, a bit like M-x dissoc
kafka.tar.gz A utility/language for making text generators
pb.tar.gz An early version of acb's Dada Engine
sink Play the Discordian game with unwanted files
spew.shar.gz Tabloid headline generator
spring.exe.gz MS-LOSS binary for the Springfield Effect
spring.tar.gz The Springfield Effect, a programmable display hack
xddate.tcl.gz Discordian date calculator for Tcl/Tk/wish
xnuisance.tar.Z An X program which does weird stuff to

silly text filters of all sorts

b1ff.c.gz A BIFF filter
beable.c.gz A text filter for inserting beables
biff.x.gz Matt Welsh's BIFF filter
biffa.shar.gz A cockney filter
chef.x.gz lex source for the Encheferiser.
drawl.x.gz English<->Texan translator
fudd.x.gz Elmer Fudd (I think)
jive-val.shar.gz Jive/Valspeak; two text filters
ken.shar.gz Another cockney text filter
kibo.c.gz Filter -- replaces randomly selected words with "Kibo"
kraut.shar.gz A pseudo-German text filter
lame.c.gz Another BIFF-like text filter
mcelwaine.c.gz UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION.....
newspeak.x.gz Translates English into Newspeak.
ogre.words data file for ogrify
ogrify.c.gz I'm not really sure. Some kind of filter.
rot-rlyeh.c.gz Translate to/from R'lyehish. Communicate with Old Ones.
thursday.tar.gz signature formatter

Last modified: 54 Bcy 3161