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Although yoyo has a lot more diskspace than it used to, that doesn't entitle you to store large amounts of information there. You should not consider yoyo as a place to archive mail, news and other files. Any mail or news you wish to keep should be transferred to floppy disks and deleted from yoyo.
The /scratch partition has been provided for temporarily storing files. If you are ftping files, they should be downloaded to /scratch then immediately transferred to a floppy and then deleted from /scratch.
Users who have excessive amounts of diskspace in their home directories may have files moved to /scratch, or even deleted (in the case of files such as gifs/jpegs and programs which have been ftped into home directories) without prior notice. Once again, you should ensure that any files you wish to keep are transferred onto a floppy!
The one exception for storing files on yoyo is in the case of web pages. However, this does not entitle you to have huge amounts of diskspace taken up in your public_html directory. Priority will be given to original information as opposed to copies of other sites or images. If you find something on the web which you think is really cool and the whole world should see it, DON'T keep a local copy of it. Instead refer people to the original. If you need to have photos, use jpeg rather then gif format and reduce the quality (you can usually take it as low as 50% without a noticeable reduction in how it looks).

There is currently about 5 gigabytes for user files on yoyo. With more than 5000 users, that works out to be 1 meg per user. If you are using more then that, beware the bofh!

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