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Check back on this page for further information.

When it comes to using yoyo for commercial purposes, the main comment is, Don't do it from Yoyo! Yoyo is not for commercial use. If you wish to make use of the internet for commercial purposes, most internet service providers will be happy to help you. See Zik's Internet Access FAQ for more details on obtaining an account.

The Computer Center regulations specify that accounts must not be used for commercial purposes. This applies to yoyo accounts as well. Below is a list of some of the activities which are not allowed. This list is not exhaustive.
  • You may not post commercial advertisements to news. However, it is OK for you to post an ad for the private sale or an item (such as a car or second-hand furniture) as long as it is in the appropriate newsgroup.
  • You may not have commercial web pages. If the web page is advertising a product or service for sale then it is definately not suitable. Although fan pages are usually OK, if you are advertising a product on them, then you shouldn't be using yoyo for it. An example of a fan page which doesn't advertise the product is Lloyd Allison's (Unofficial) Land Rover Pages. They provide information on the history, models and mechanics for people with a specific interest. The important point is that they are providing information at no cost.

Many things may fall into gray areas. If you are concerned that you may be breaching the regulations, don't hesitate to contact us be sending email to security@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au, however a general guideline is that using yoyo to make money is not allowed.

We are serious about the policy of no commercial advertising and will strictly enforce it. Breaches may lead to a permanent loss of your account.

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