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And Yeah did the users complain that the gates to the great Yoh-Yoh were shut to the followers of Moh-Dem. And Yeah did they beg that the great portal be opened. And the reply came back: None shall pass through the Em-Tee-Ess into the land of Yoh-Yoh for clogged shall the Em-Tee-Ess be, and the wroth of the Si-See shall be great. And so the gates to the Yoh-Yoh remained shut.

And Yeah verily did they come again begging and once more came a reply: A great guard shall be built, and the Guard shall protect the Em-Tee-Ess from the hoardes of Moh-Dem. And a message was sent across the land that all brave subjects should volunteer to design and construct the great Guard for the Knights of Jayoo-Nix had not the time. But none were forthcoming.

And on the 5th day of the second week of the third month did come the Knight Tyme (just after the afternoon time) and he did approacheth the Knight Kray-Zikev saying: Lo, none hath come and time groeth near. We shall construct the Guard. And the Knights did toil for 2 long days (and 1 long night) and yeah did live the Guard and the Guard's name was Arr-Knee. And they looked upon it and saw that it was nice (about -5).

- [Excerpts from The Making of Arnie, by Kev Lentin]

Arnie is a computer program, that tries to limit logins from the modem annexes.

In order to ensure that there were some Computer Centre modems available to users for course work, arnie was set up so that there would be at least two available. He watches your logins to Yoyo from modem, and if he finds that the annex is getting full he will log you out.

If you constantly try to login to Yoyo and arnie tells you to go away, he can become very frustrated and will attempt to terminate your modem connection. Please hang up from the modem annex if you get a failed attempt at logging in.

For information on how to connect to the modems, see the Computer Center's page on using modems.

Once you have connected to the annex you can type 'telnet yoyo' or 'rlogin yoyo' from the port ready: prompt. If you are a menu user and you have problems displaying the menu you may wish to also type 'stty term vt100' before you telnet or rlogin to Yoyo.

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