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This page is intended as a first stop for yoyo users to obtain answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). Information will be constantly added to it as problems arise.

I couldn't find an answer to my question here. Who should I contact?

When you send an enquiry, you must include all relevant information. A question such as "I can't get [something] to work," is useless. You should include information about what you did and exactly what happened when you did it. Give any error messages which you received. Above all, it's most important that you give enough details so that we can determine what is wrong and then fix the problem.

If you have a question about...         then send email to

* obtaining an account on Yoyo          accounts@yoyo
* Yoyo's listserv (majordomo)           owner-majordomo@yoyo
* software installed on Yoyo (eg, if    local@yoyo
  you want a new version or just a
  new program installed)
* games on Yoyo                         games@yoyo
* irc on Yoyo                           irc@yoyo
* Yoyo's web server                     www@yoyo
* general questions relating to Yoyo    help@yoyo
* questions relating to the computer    helpdesk@cc.monash.edu.au
  centre, including general questions
  about using the modems

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