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Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria
France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland
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Lucy's family at Christmas dinner. 

Hi to all visitors!  If you are looking at this web site, then you probably know me.  So... G'DAY!

Anyway, after meeting all my new friends and relatives from all over the world, my 2nd cousin Lucy gave me an idea.  She had to build a web page for school and was going to base it around my short stay in Portsmouth, England. 

This I thought was a great idea, and when I saw Lucy's idea and design, I thought I should make one myself.  This way, everybody that Melissa and I met on our travels, would be able to see what we got up to, and to hopefully inspire others to travel.

Lucy's web page has been seen with great enthusiasm by my family.  My nan, Ann Morton, was born in Portsmouth and was very excited about me meeting her family and just loved the web page she put together.  With our respective web pages, we will be able to keep in contact with each other, and show what we've been up to.

If you would like to see her webpage (highly recommended) just click on the link below.

Lucy's Web Page

Can't wait to see you all over here in Australia, when you come to visit!
See ya round cobbers!
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