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Welcome to the Monash Fencing Club home page!

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Our club trains twice a week with all 3 weapons, foil, epee and sabre, under the guidance of our coach, Chris Jones.
Visitors and new members are always welcome, be you a beginner or a more experienced fencer.

Tuesday Fencing Area6:00pmDinner
Games Hall
7:00pmWarm-up and games
7:30pmGroup Drills / Beginners Course
8:30pmIndividual Lessons & Bouting
ThursdayFencing Area 7:00pmWarm-up and games
7:30pmGroup Activities
8:30pmFree Bouting

Interested in trying your hand at fencing?

For beginners there is a special Beginners Course at the start of each semester, and there are always plenty of fencers just waiting for someone to come and ask for their advice. You don't need to be a student, and the club provides all necessary equipment.

Not sure? Read about the 1st year experiences of some of our current and past members.

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