Chinese Composers  中国作曲家

For my opinion, a song's nice, is not depend the singer, should depend the tone and word maker. I think a perfect
singer is not only can singing, but also they can make some songs. In Mainland China, there are lots of good musician,
they make the beautiful songs.


Bi XiaoShi  毕晓世
He is  a composer in Guang Zhou


sc4.jpg (2851 bytes)Chen Xiao Qi,陈小奇
Anotehr song maker from Guang Zhou, make lots famous songs for recently singers, such as Gan Ping, Mao Ning, Na Ying. Famous
songs of him such as "Tao shen Yi jiu", "How r u, old brother" (Da ge, ni hao ma?).

sound.gif (1034 bytes)  Nine Nine Daughter Red 九九女儿红 (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Swing   秋千(mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Dream of Jiangnan 梦江南 (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes)  At   deepth of clousd  白云深处(mtv)

Deng WeiBiao  邓维彪

He was called "A Biao", who is  currently in GuangDong,   his songs inclide "Sun shinne to my old dress" by Li Jin


diaoh6.jpg (8979 bytes)Diao Han 刁寒
Diao Han is not only the singer, and also is the tone and word make, his almost songs are write by himself. And he make lots songs
to another singers, such as Sun Yue, Yao Hua, etc. He and Sun Yue has a nice song together which called " how are you today" (Ni
xian zai hao guo ma?).

sound.gif (1034 bytes) The Best Time  花好月圆 (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Spring Water Like Age  春水似年华(mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Ta  Chun    踏春(MTV)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Do you   still remember my wish 我的祝福你还记得吗?  (mtv)

fengxq1.jpg (4494 bytes)Feng Xiao Quan, 冯晓泉
Feng Xiao Quan is a young musician, make lots of nice songs, such as "The Chinese Folk Songs" (Zhong Hua Ming Yao), singing by
Sun Hao. Another song which called "Bing Tang Hu Lu" is a very nice songs, which perform at 1997 Chinese Spring Festive concert.

sound.gif (1034 bytes) Faraway Town & People 遥远的城镇遥远的人  (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Bing Tang Hu Lu   冰糖葫芦 (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Ba Wang Bie Ji   霸王别姬(mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Chinse   folk songs 中华民谣(mtv)

Fu  Ke 浮克
He is a new composer, who had written many songs to Chen Ming

sound.gif (1034 bytes)  Happy Old Home   快乐老家(m3u)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Just for you   为你 (rm)

Fu Lin 付 林

Fu Lin Is  an old composer, whose songs are  reflect to  China's Qi4 gai4.


sm11b.jpg (18002 bytes)Gao Feng, 高枫
Gao Feng, I know this name from the song of "Big China". Now, he make a song whcih called "Partner" (Huo Ban), which singing
by Sun Yue, this is a nice song.
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Big China 大中国 (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Good friends 伙伴(mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes)  Butterfily   flying together 双双飞 (rm)


Gao  Xiaosong 高晓松
He is  a composer from school  who had make some  great songs from school

sound.gif (1034 bytes) The  Girl was sitting beside me  同桌的你(au)


Gu Jian Feng, 谷建芬
She is an old tone maker, and make more than 50 songs over 30 years. Her songs involve different ages. The song which called
"Mum at the candle light" (Zhu guan li de ma ma), is famous to different ages.
sm8.jpg (3174 bytes)Guo Feng, 郭峰
Guo Feng make so many songs to so many singers, there are so many can be listed
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Yi Qing Bie Lian 移情别恋(mtv)]


Lei Lei, 雷蕾
Lei Lei is the daughter of a famous musician Lei Zheng Bang. Lei Lei make the songs like her father, such as "Thirsty for" (Ke
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Good people will safe  whole life 好人一生平安(mp3)


sm15.jpg (10689 bytes)Li Chun Bo, 李春波 (right)
Li Chun Bo is also a singerm he maked the nice songs, and he singing by himself. Such as "Xiao Fang", "A home letter"
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Xiao Fang   小芳 (au)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Hu Er  Hei you  呼儿嘿油(rm)


sc2.jpg (6667 bytes)Li Hai Ying李海鹰
He is come from Guang Dong, usually, his songs were singing by Mao Ning and Yang Yu Ying, such as "I don't want to say" (Wo
bu xiang shuo). "The shape moon" (Wan Wan de yue liang)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Love or don't love you 爱你还是不该爱你(mtv)


Li Hanying李汉颍
Li Hanying is a composer from Guangzhou, who is make many love songs.
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Really Thankful you 真心真意谢谢您(mp3)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Peace Island 桃花岛 (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Really Miss you 真的好想你 (mp3)


Liu Qing, 刘青
Liu Qing's song is always performan at CCTV, such as "Today's love" (Jin Xiao Qing), "The wind at High sky" (Gao Tian Shang Liu
Yun), and "Wish you well" (Zhu Mi Ping An).
sound.gif (1034 bytes) East  Trade Man 东方商人(rm)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) The cloude at high sky  高天上流云(rm)


Liu Tong &  NiNan刘彤 &  妮楠
They always  work together,  their  songs are very like   tradtionly  folk songs, very nice.
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Flowers and rain full of  HK  花雨满香江(rm)


sm66.jpg (7519 bytes) Liu Zun 刘尊
His song is  special, he write the songs for himself
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Fool Sister 傻妹妹 (mtv)


Meng Qing Yun孟庆云
A very famous composer, who write many songs to many famous singers, and most his songs are win the MTV price.
sound.gif (1034 bytes) At the end of Yellow River  黄河源头(mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) You are the moon at sky  你是天上的明月 (mp3)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Black Hair Waves.  黑头发飘起来 (mp3)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Rainbow 彩虹 (rm)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Yi Meng qian nian 一梦千年  (mp3)


sc5.jpg (9633 bytes)San Bao三宝
San Bao from Nei Meng Gu, who wrote many nice songs to many singers, such as Jing Gan Shan, Mao A-Min, etc. His most
famous song is called "My eye full of you" sang by Jing Gan Shan.
sm40.jpg (8579 bytes)Shen Qing 沈庆

Another school song  written,  cool

sound.gif (1034 bytes) The Age   岁月(mtv)

sc6.jpg (18412 bytes)Song Jin颂今
Whose orignally name was called Wu Song Jin, and who is current in Guangzhou, his songs are very sweet, and Yang Yu Ying,
Chen Sisi, Zhou Liang sing his songs.
Sun Chun孙川
He is an old composer and did many Great Songs
sc1.jpg (5067 bytes)Wang Tong -Yu王童语
Wang Tong Yu is not handsome, but he can make some songs. Singer Xie Dong always sing his song. Such as "Baby's dad" (hai zi
ta ba).
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Baby's dad   孩子他爸(rm)
sm45.jpg (4876 bytes)Wang Yan, 王炎
He is a youth musician. And singing many nice songs, and almost of his songs is made by himself. His song is very specil, and very
sound.gif (1034 bytes) I heard your song我听过你的歌 (mp3)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Miss 想(rm)

sm57.jpg (4340 bytes)Xiao Zeng 小曾
He is  a composer from army, he was a  soldier who had  written many nice songs. Such as  "my monitor"  &  ::"A Lian"

sound.gif (1034 bytes) My XinNing 我的新娘 (rm)

Xu Jianqiang 许建强
He is a famous composer from Guang Zhou
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Sad Rain   伤心雨(mp3)
sc3.jpg (8101 bytes)Xu Pei Dong, 徐沛东
He is an old tone and work maker, few years before, he made the North-West Wind songs, then, he also made for the nice pop
songs. Many many famous singers like to sing his song, such as Wei Wei, Liu Huan, Fang Lin Lin, Hang Tian Qi, Bai Xue, Su Hong,
Zhang Ji Hong, Xie Xiao Dong, Cai Guo Qing. etc
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Hometown is Best   还是家乡好  (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Wait you come   等你来 (rm)

Yan Su 阎肃
He is  an old composer,  whoise song had good folk song style

sound.gif (1034 bytes) Love song of   19 sisiter 十九恋歌 (mtv)


Yang Hong 杨虹
She is work in GuangZhou, and her songs like a children's song

sound.gif (1034 bytes)Moon Boat   月亮船(mp3)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Paper Plane 纸飞机(mtv)

Zhang Quanfu  张全复
He is  famous  composer from GuangZhou
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Tell you lightly    轻轻的告诉你 (mp3)
zhangx1.jpg (4556 bytes)Zhang Xiao, 张骁
Zhang Xiao is also a singer, who singing Niu Niu. Zhang Xiao also make some songs to other singers
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Niu Niu (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Conversation (rm)
Zhu De Rong.朱德荣
His songs full of traditional Chinese Style, such as "Observe the Moon", "The wine at 9th September", "The prise song of wine."

sound.gif (1034 bytes)Wine  on 9th September  (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes)  Girl   wait me  (mtv)
sound.gif (1034 bytes) Prise songs of wine  (mtv)


There are more composers in China, I will list more in future.


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