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The GAUNIX WWW group

The WWW group on yoyo was formed out of the enormous popularity of the world wide web and the desire to allow any user of yoyo to provide information to the world. The members of the group are:

The WWW is the fastest growing area of the internet, and has become an essential part of modern computing. In line with the educational philosophy of GAUNIX, the WWW group aims to assist people in the preparation of html documents and to work with the help group to provide help information via the server on yoyo. The first of these aims has been fulfilled through the provision of links to pages about writing html documents in addition to a walk-through to create a home page on yoyo. Members of the WWW group have also assisted both users of yoyo and other Monash students in the creation of home pages. There are over 1500 users with their own home pages available on yoyo's WWW server, and this number increases daily as new Web users create and experiment. A growing number of student groups/clubs also have pages on yoyo.

Software is constantly being installed to allow users to provide better web pages. Some of this has even been developed by members of the WWW group.

Growing demands (which includes over a million server requests per week) on the server has made the choice of the Apache server ideal. Version 1.2 (with local modifications) is installed on yoyo.

GLen Pringle WWW Group Leader
Last Modified Fri 16 Aug 2002