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The GAUNIX Security group


Introducing the security group
Frequently Asked Questions
How to contact the security group

Introducing the security group

The security group attempts to ensure that all users of GAUNIX facilities have the best possible share of available resources.

To achieve this, the security group takes measures to:

Further, the security group takes steps to detect, prevent, and discourage unauthorised or inappropriate use of GAUNIX facilities. These steps include:

Members of the security group maintain a professional attitude in their interactions with Yoyo users and other members of the internet community. This includes keeping confidential any information which they have access to as a result of their membership of the security group.

How to contact the security group

Please help us to respond promptly to your queries by sending email to the appropriate address.

Send email to just one person in the security group, if:

Send email to everyone in the security group, if:

Send email to the security group leader, if:

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