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List on this page is some of the software available on yoyo. The local group is responsible for installing software on yoyo. If you have a piece of software you wish installed, contact the local group.

Yoyo has a wealth of software installed on it. The following table is to publicise what is available for the use of yoyo users. Unless otherwise indicated, all software is in the directory /usr/local/bin/ which should be in your path. You can read the man pages for a program by using the unix shell command "man command", where command is the name of the program.

This list of software is intended to list non-standard software which has been installed on yoyo. Common utilities (such as the standard GNU utilities gzip, gcp etc) may not be listed here.

Name of program Description Documentation
emacs GNU project text editor Man page/online help
jed "Simple" file editor Online help
pico Simple text editor in the style of the Pine Composer Man page
vim Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor Man page

Name of program Description Documentation
elm Interactive mail system Man page
mh Message handling system for e-mail Man page
mutt The Mongrel of Mail User Agents Man page/web page
nn A newsreader (No news is good news) Man page
pine Program for Internet News and Email Man page
procmail Autonomous mail processor - sorts incoming mail Man page
slrn An easy to use, but powerful, newsreader Man page/web page
tin A newsreader Man page
trn Threaded read news program Man page

Name of program Description Documentation
a2ps Convert an ascii file to postscript Man page
getpass Get the password entry for a user None
glimpse Search quickly through entire file systems Man page
info GNU's hypertext system Man page
informer identifies and records people who finger a user's account Man page
isca ISCA BBS client None
ispell Spellchecker Man page
locate find files on the system which match a string Man page
m4 Preprocesses files, expanding macro definitions Man page
ncftp An advanced internet file transfer program Man page
pgp Pretty Good Privacy encryption system Man/web page
screen Screen manager/multiplexor Man page
temp Display the current temperature Man page
units Convert units to different scales Man page

Additional documentation for yoyo's web server is available.

Name of program Description Documentation
gifmerge Create animated gifs Web page
gifmom Make gif image transparent/interlaced Web page/online help
giftrans Make one colour of a gif image transparent Man/Web page
lvrfy Verify links in web pages Web page
lynx Text world wide web browser Man page/online help
setcounter Change the value of page counter data files 'setcounter -h' gives usage
statbot WWW log analyzer, statistics generator, and database program Web page
weblint Syntax and minimal style checker for HTML Man/Web page
wget A utility to retrieve files from the World Wide Web Man page
wml A multi-pass HTML generation toolkit (very powerful) Man pages/Web page
wwwis Add HEIGHT= and WIDTH= directives to inline images Web page

Name of program Description Documentation
g++ GNU project C++ compiler Man page
gcc GNU project C compiler Man page
gdb GNU project C/C++ debugger Man page
javac Java compiler Web page
perl Practical Extraction and Report Language - scripting language Man page
python Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language Web page

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