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Please read this bulletin carefully for it may apply to YOU.

When you signed your agreement to get a yoyo account, you agreed to certain conditions. One of these conditions was that you show consideration for your fellow users.
Harassment can take many forms, not necessarily just sexual as most people first think. People (you, me, the government) find it hard to say what exactly defines inappropriate behaviour and this is often the cause of confusion, harassment going unreported, or people being accused when they dont think they have done anything wrong.

There is a VERY easy way to avoid this mumbo-jumbo of trouble!!

If someone is emailing/goofing/paying attention to you that you deem inappropriate or offensive:

** TELL THEM, and ask that they STOP. **

Once a person has been told their behaviour is inappropriate it is up to them to stop. If they do not stop, then you have a clear cut case of harassment.
On the flip side of those statements, if someone tells you they are offended/not interested in your attention then STOP. Don't argue with them about your intentions or tell them they are being a bitch/loser/whatever. Either don't respond, or respond with a brief apology and a promise not to hassle them again in the future. This person may have a different way of communicating than you.
Please keep in mind that sexual harassment via the interent is not only a breach of the terms of your Yoyo agreement, but is also against the law in our state. You can lose your account, or be criminally charged, if you continue to harass after being asked to stop.
Anyone that wishes to make a complaint against a user either on yoyo or elsewhere should email the harassment group (harassment@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au). We're happy to mediate a harassment dispute, or lend an official "go away, (s)he's not interested" to yours. If you wish to persue things beyond that, we can also help. Should you prefer to deal specifically with a male/female member of this group, then send an initial mail to the group requesting that a male/female member of the group respond so you can discuss your problem with them.
Don't be paranoid about complaining - we are trying to make Yoyo a happy, interesting service for you, so don't wallow in misery because someone has a sick sense of humour or friendliness or simply has no manners.

(written by Sue, spue@yoyo, callisto on goofey)

Last Modified Wed 8 Oct 1997