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The GAUNIX FTP group

The GAUNIX group manages issues relating to ftp on yoyo. They manage an anonymous ftp archive, where they make available a range of software and information, both developed within the group, within Monash University, and elsewhere.

What is Available?

Amongst other things, the following are available:

Can I Make Something Available?

Yes you can, but because of limited hard disk space on yoyo, we will limit the providers of information to users of yoyo, and ask that you only make available what you really need to, so no big archives of images, sounds or movies.

Pirated material, or other material that would have it's copyright violated if it was made available, will not be put up in the archive.

To get something made available, simply send your request into ftpadm@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au stating:

  1. What you want to make available.
  2. How long you want it to be available.
  3. How big (in kilobytes) it is.
  4. Is it your information, or someone elses?

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