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For info on getting an account on campus, click on the building or campus name below.

[picture of Monash campuses]

How do I obtain an account?
Yoyo accounts are available for any person holding a Monash ID card, whether they be a staff member, student, or associate.

Please provide a photocopy of your ID card with all applications
We are unable to process applications that we cannot verify the ID of the applicant.

Clayton Campus:

The ITS helpdesk have kindly offered their support by collecting applications at the ITS helpdesk located in the annex of the Matheson library.. First, download, print and complete the yoyo application form (Word 97). or yoyo application form (PDF) Simply show the helpdesk staff your ID card and leave the form with them. Your form will be collected by the Yoyo accounts member shortly, who will then create the account for you. If you have problems at or have any questions, email zardoz@yoyo.its.monash.edu.au
Please make sure when you show your card to the ITS Service Desk, that they record their name and that they sighted your card on your form.

Clayton Halls of Residence:

Download and print a copy of the yoyo application form (Word 97). or yoyo application form (PDF). Then e-mail byte@yoyo.its.monash.edu.au for instructions.

Peninsula Campus:

Download, print and complete the yoyo application form (Word 97). or yoyo application form (PDF).
Then e-mail webshark@yoyo.its.monash.edu.au to arrange a time to meet.

Other Campuses (including Caulfield):

Please email accounts@yoyo.its.monash.edu.au for more information. We currently don't have a person in Caulfield to attend to accounts personally.

How long do I have to wait for an account?
All application forms are processed within two days.

What does a Yoyo acount allow me to do?

What doesn't a Yoyo account allow me to do?

Where can I connect to Yoyo from?
You can access Yoyo using any Secure Shell (SSH) program. Such programs are installed on the university computers (You'll find TeraTerm SSH under the Novell Applicaton Launcher). From outside Monash, you can connect to Yoyo from any machine that is connected to the internet and has an SSH client installed.  This will ensure that your username, password and any terminal text sent/received from yoyo is encrypted. For an easy to use, small SSH client, take a look at PuTTY - it even fits on a floppy disk!

Does a Yoyo account give me Internet access from home?
No. There are no modems attached directly to Yoyo. If you are Interested in accessing the Internet from home, contact your local Computer Centre HelpDesk for more information.

I still have some questions, who can I talk to?
Account queries can be directed to accountsleader@yoyo.its.monash.edu.au.

Other Yoyo related queries should be sent to help@yoyo.its.monash.edu.au

I am after a group account for my Monash club or society. What's involved?
Club accounts are no longer available. You can however apply for a place to put your club's web page. Contact YoYo's Webmaster for details. You will still need to have your own personal yoyo account so that you are able to update your club's webpage.

Do you guys keep stats on how many Yoyo users there are?
Various statistics were updated constantly, but we've been getting slack lately so they're largely out of date.

Clayton Campus Gippsland Campus Pharmaceutical Campus Peninsula Campus
Tristan Gulyas - Accounts Group Leader
Last Modified Tue 07 Mar 2005