Welcome to yoyo, a FreeBSD-based server run by students of Monash University.  YoYo provides many services to Monash students and staff including UNIX shell access, website hosting with PHP and MySQL features, e-mail, mailing lists, website hosting and many other services.  YoYo is run with assistance from ITS for the supply and maintenance of hardware and provision of network connectivity.

YoYo is not possible without the generous help of the students who run it! Drop us a mail if you're interested in giving us a hand with things like account creation, website maintenance and general system administration duties.

About YoYo and GAUNIX
  Information about the YoYo machine, a bit of history and the GAUNIX group who maintains it.
Getting a YoYo account
  All you need to know to obtain access to YoYo like thousands of others.  Access to YoYo is free for any student or staff member of Monash University.
YoYo help pages (documentation library)
  As many of us are hard-working (gasp!) students who are engrossed in their degrees, we suggest that the online documentation be consulted before you contact us as we're busy at the best of times.
Users who use YoYo (also see groups)
  This used to be updated in Ye Olde days, but is no longer.  You'll find an index of users and groups who have previously had (or currently have) their web pages on YoYo.  These are typically student's own websites or Monash club websites.
Contact us
  A quick way to contact us with your query.  Broken link?  Need a web directory created?  Drop us a line.  For now, this links through to the GAUNIX page.

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 Last updated: 22/02/2005 11:32PM